About Nebraska Dealer Supply

Nebraska Dealer Supplies (NE Dealer Supplies) is a supplier to the used and new car dealers in the State of Nebraska and surrounding states. We sell state specific forms as well as federal forms. We also carry an ever-expanding inventory of supplies for the car dealership.

With our array of different items in our inventory, we can fill your needs. Whether it be the used or new car dealer, motorcycle, ATV dealer, Ag equipment or trailer dealer. We carry up-to-date forms, whether it be purchase contracts or installment contracts. We also carry several of the federal forms that you need in your dealership.

You will find that we keep most forms in stock and can ship them to you the same day or in some cases the next day. As we are a small family owned and run business, when you call you will be talking to the owners.

We also carry supplies not just for the dealership. We also supply businesses and organizations that may need pennants, streamers and various items for that special promotion or onetime event. We can also get you your imprinted items that let your dealership, business or event stand out. We carry those items or can get them shipped to you to meet your needs.

We at NE Dealer Supplies look forward to supplying your dealership or business needs. We go that extra step to help you. We are here to help with your needs, answer your questions and most important, we are just an email or phone call away.

We are following in the footsteps of a legacy that started back in 1977, with the formation of the Nebraska IADA; an association of used car dealers in Nebraska. In the mid-1980s, with the onset of the current days FTC Used Car Buyers guide, was the beginning of the Executive and Assistant Director of the Nebraska IADA seeing the need to provide used car dealers with forms and supplies. At that time, Bernie Hart was the Executive Director and Jan Merritt was the Assistant Executive Director. Upon Bernie’s passing in 2000 and Jan’s retirement in 2016 (after 39 Years as Asst. Director and then Director), Gary and Kate Merritt took on this legacy. We look forward to working with you, the used or new car dealer, the trailer and ATV dealer. P.S. Jan enjoys hearing from everyone. You can reach her at nedealersupplies@gmail.com

Whether it be inventory folders or license plate screws, we have the supplies you need for your dealership. We stock a large array of items for your day to day operation; like key tags, license plate magnets and screws, stock tags, etc. We also help your vehicles stand out with items like window decals, rearview mirror hang tags, markers, and pennants. If we don’t have something in stock, in most cases it can be ordered and shipped to you in just a few days. We look forward to being your first choice and your one-stop shopping experience for your dealership needs.

We are expanding our inventory of promotional items. This includes imprinted license plate inserts, decals, imprinted key tags, and license plate frames. Please contact us, as we work to fill your needs on these items.

Just as you can’t sell vehicles without a vehicle, you can’t sell vehicles without the proper forms. Having the forms and knowing why you need each one is important to your operation. We stock several different forms, from the very basic to the more complex. Depending on your specific need, we will work to come thru for you, including answering questions when you have them.

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